Support for Sarah Wolfe

About Support for Sarah Wolfe

Before joining the team at A Family for Every Orphan in 2011, I worked as a case manager. Often, I encountered angry children who had lost a parent: children broken and hurting by the cycle of neglect, poverty, abuse or abandonment. It struck me then how important it is for a child to grow up in a safe, loving family.

In the years following, God led me to A Family for Every Orphan. I quickly caught the vision of a world without orphans. I even have some of the team to thank for introducing me to my husband!

When I met Vova (pictured) in Ukraine, something inside me shifted. The global orphan crisis became personal... it wasn’t a sea of 150 million faceless kids, but rather an enormous population made up of Vova and his friends, each with a wonderful self to share if only given the opportunity to thrive. Although Vova only had a few possessions, he insisted on giving me his teddy bear. Every day, that teddy bear reminds me to pray for Vova and to continue this mission to find a family for every orphan.

In order for me to advocate for a world without orphans, I need a team. I need you. Your prayer and financial support is what helps me help orphans find loving families.

Thank you so much for supporting my work with A Family for Every Orphan!