Rescue Deported Children

Rescue and Reunite Ukrainian Children

Now, 6,000+ children are confirmed to be trapped in 43 camps throughout Russia.

Sometimes these children were taken out of Ukraine via outright abductions. Other times, parents on the front lines and often under fire were coerced to give up their children to the “safety” of a Russian summer camp ... “for their own welfare.” After many false promises of their return, some children were told they can only leave if one of their parents comes and gets them.

Your special gift today will help to reunite deported children with their parents and fuel A Family for Every Orphan’s critical efforts to protect children.

A Family for Every Orphan has experienced partners in Ukraine who are working with proper authorities to make this daunting journey to rescue children and reunite them with their parents and caregivers, traveling thousands of miles through four nations to do so.

This team has already rescued 44 children; their hearts’ desire is to get many, many more, but they urgently need resources to fund these rescue and reunification efforts. Will you help?