Save Ukraine

About Save Ukraine

Save Ukraine is a war rescue network established in 2014. The network coordinates dozens of lifesavers: organizations, volunteers, Christian churches, individuals, and legal entities united by one goal: to save Ukrainian families and children affected by war. Since its establishment, Save Ukraine
has focused on evacuating vulnerable people from the war zone.

Simultaneously, Save Ukraine restores and rebuilds the lives of Ukrainian families with children. This is done through a multitude of projects designed to meet the needs of vulnerable families at different stages.

Lifepacks for children is one of the key projects of Save Ukraine. Lifepack is a backpack containing the essential items that we give out to children we evacuate from combat zones. Lifepack is intended to support the child during the first several days post-evacuation, and provide comfort and distraction from the horrors of war. Each Lifepack contains snacks and water, a warm blanket, a power bank, a hygiene kit, a flashlight, and several toys.

It is crucial to understand the context of life in a combat zone. The majority of those places haven’t had any communications in months. The children staying there haven’t experienced any stability for months, and their mental and physical health has suffered tremendously.

When a child receives a Lifepack during the evacuation, they can immediately replenish their energy with a snack, warm up with a fleece blanket, use a hygiene kit, and charge their devices with a power bank. Pulling a toy out of Lifepack can invoke the feeling of joy a child might not have experienced for many months. These simple actions bring back the
sense of autonomy that is inevitably lost during traumatic events.

We believe that in addition to helping a child meet their basic needs, our Lifepacks communicate the message that every child is important and will not be left behind.

Save Ukraine is a partner organization of A Family For Every Orphan, a registered 501c3. All donations are tax-deductible.

For more ways to give (via ACH/wire, check, or other gift options) please visit: and note "Save Ukraine" in the memo of your gift.

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Thank you for your heart for the children and families in Ukraine!