Prevent Unnecessary Trauma for Maxim!

Prevent Unnecessary Trauma for Maxim!

You can keep three-year-old Maxim from growing up in an institution, separated from his loving mother and brothers, by simply providing clean, running water for his family.

Maxim’s father lost his battle to cancer last year, and this year, their well completely dried up. His mother, Anna, works hard to keep Maxim and his older brothers fed, loved, and healthy, but because of the sudden shortage of water, Child Protection Services have suggested Maxim be placed in institutional care since he is below school-age.

Anna desperately wants to keep her family together, but she cannot afford to fix the well. Winter will soon descend on Ukraine, and any hope of drilling the well will be lost until next summer.

Your gift will deepen the family’s well, provide the pipes and a pump, and also provide for the labor costs. With your support, you will make an incredible impact for this family and help prevent trauma by keeping Maxim with his mama and brothers.

Maxim's family has experienced so much heartache recently. Will you provide a gift today to help Maxim's family stay intact and prevent unnecessary trauma for Maxim and his family?