"Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children During the COVID-19 Crisis"

About "Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children During the COVID-19 Crisis"

Now more than ever, orphans and vulnerable children in India NEED your support! The country is facing extreme devastation due to a second-wave of COVID, and children are losing their parents and caregivers at an alarming rate.

Although children generally appear less susceptible to the COVID-19 virus because of their age, in reality, orphans and vulnerable children are at high risk. When they lose their parent or caregiver, they become targets of trafficking, extreme poverty, and institutionalization.

Your support is VITAL to the future of the orphan crisis. Children deserve to be in a safe and loving family. We are strategically positioned to respond rapidly to the needs of vulnerable children.

Your support will:
- Bring food and medical supplies to vulnerable children
- Provide essential online counseling and training to orphans and adoptive/foster families
- Distribute online resources for parents and children stuck at home
- Push forward adoption cases that are currently halted due to COVID-19

Cooperation between churches, government, and all spheres of society (including you!) is essential now more than ever. Our collective efforts will go a long way.

Will you help?